Computing Response Similarity Indices

CopyDetect is an R package to compute a number of of response similarity indices for multiple-choice tests. It is a compilation of functions I wrote when I was writing my master’s thesis in 2009 and doing my internship in ACT in 2012. It contains functions for several IRT and non-IRT based response similarity indices proposed in the literature for multiple-choice examinations such as the \(\omega\) (Wollack, 1997), generalized binomial test (van der Linden & Sotaridona, 2006), K index and its variants (Sotaridona & Meijer,2002), and S1 and S2 indices (Sotaridona & Meijer, 2003), and M4 (Maynes, 2014)

Please visit this page later as I plan to publish some detailed documentation about the implementation of these indices in the CopyDetect package.